Ines Sainz


Ines Sainz is a name only a few people were familiar with. Perhaps, the only people who knew about her were the Spanish sports fans and men who are avid readers of the magazine FHM. Nowadays, she is already considered a household name. It all started when was allegedly harassed by the coaches and players of the New York Jets. Everyone who knows her agrees that she’s hot but how much do we actually know about Inez Sainz?

Let’s Start with the Basics: Ines Sainz Early Life

According to numerous biographies that you will find online, Ines Sainz was born and raised in Queretaro, Mexico in 1978. She grew up with two brothers so it’s not much of a surprise that she ended being a little of a tomboy. Due to this, it is indeed very fitting why she decided to choose a job in the sports industry.

Ines’s father was a lawyer who unfortunately died a few years ago because of heart problems. Her mother on the other hand stayed at home with Inez and her brothers while her husband went to work. Inez’s mother wanted her to explore her feminine side and so she encouraged Inez to enter professional modeling.


The Unexpected Part: Ines Sainz is a Smarty Pants

During Ines Sainz’s college years, she studied law and earned a law degree from the University of Mexico (Universidad del Valle de Mexico). Afterwards, she earned a master’s degree in tax law from the University of Queretaro (Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro). Aside from Inez also attained a degree in sports business administration. As you can see, she’s nobody’s dummy and she’s definitely far from the media portrayed airhead bimbo.

When she decided to switch career path, from modeling to sports reporting, that’s when she married Héctor Pérez Rojano, a producer for Mexican television. Inez is currently a mother of three children. She has a daughter who is already six-years-old and sometime during the year 2008, she gave birth to twin boys.

Let’s Get Physical: Ines Sainz’s Mind vs. Her Body

Ines Sainz has been working for TV Azteca as a sport reporter for the past ten years. During her career, it’s quite obvious that she attracted more attention because of her body and not because of her sound mind. While working as a reporter, she was also a passionate player herself. She is an excellent swimmer and she also plays volleyball. If you think about it, she plays two sports that entail the least amount of clothes.

In 2010, FHM named Ines as the 5th sexiest female correspondent. Just by looking at the pictures she has online, it is clear that she is all about flaunting her best physical assets. She regularly goes to work in revealing and tight outfits and even produced journalistic pieces where she measured the biceps of different players and rode around the shoulders of numerous linemen.

What went wrong with Ines Sainz inside the Jet’s Locker Room?

The purpose of Ines’s trip to the facilities of the New York Jets (where the supposed sexual harassment happened) was a planned interview with Jet’s player Mark Sanchez. When she entered the Jet’s locker room for the interview, she was wearing a clingy white blouse and skin-tight jeans. Inside, she allegedly received catcalls and boorish behavior from the coaches and the players. When the controversy got out, a lot of critics claimed that her choice of attire should be held responsible for the uninvited attention that she received.

Blaming the victim is truly unacceptable but then again, Ines Sainz did not help her case when she appeared on TV a few days for a series of interviews so that she can defend her case, wearing a strategically unbuttoned black shirt that offers a clear cleavage view.

What Happened Next?

After a thorough investigation from NFL, Roger Goodell (NFL commissioner) informed the public that no action will be taken against any coach or player. They agree that what transpired inside the locker room was indeed unprofessional but there is no need for any punishment. As a resolution, the NFL is asking for all 32 teams to go through a training program that will teach them on how to properly interact with reporters. The program will enhance the current media policy of NFL and at the same time, improve the ability of the players when it comes to maintaining professional workplace environment. Ines Sainz apparently supported the outcome of the investigation.

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