Julie Stewart Binks Bio

Julie Stewart-Binks currently hosts Fox Soccer Daily for Fox Sports 1. This show  brings viewers all the latest news in the soccer world from all the major leagues. Julie is going to be the programs news reporter who is going to fit all the statistics and data into a nice package for Fox’s viewers.

Julie Stewart-Binks was born in Toronto where she enrolled in Queen’s University and completed her double major. Being the perfectionist and young ambitious woman she is, she relocated to London and enrolled in City University London for her master’s degree in International Broadcast Journalism.


Her desire to garner experience about sports journalism saw her enroll for several jobs and positions that would take her all over the world. Back in Toronto, Julie practically lived on the greyhound buses as she traveled thousands of miles to cover games in Ontario. She also had a position as a senior sports writer for cbcsports.ca.


Julie has held down many jobs that have expanded her views and understanding of sports. She was even selected by the Boston Bruins to help in interviewing eligible draft players in 2011. Her love for hockey (and sports in general) has helped her to get multiple placements in different news agencies in Toronto. In addition, the fact that she was a track and field athlete in university and a figure skater makes her fit right in when it comes to the world of competitive sports.

Julie attributes the success she has had in pursuing her dream to her ability to create good networks inside the sports broadcasting community. The connection she has made during her multiple postings in her career is one of the reasons why she has been able to land such nice positions.

Julie understands that the industry is small and close knit. The more you can step out of your cocooned comfort zone, the higher the chances you will meet someone who can advance your goals. In a recent interview, Julie stated that to be successful in the sports broadcasting industry one had to have journalistic integrity.

Also, one had to be a credible and reliable source of information for the viewers. She also admitted that being a woman in a male dominated field was not easy. She had to develop a strong work ethic. She had to become well rounded so that colleagues and viewers could take her seriously when she was reporting sports news.

Julie Stewart-Binks career path looks very bright. With her goals set firmly ahead, she is definitely poised for big things in the broadcasting world.

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