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The future looks cheerful and bright for Molly McGrath. From being a cheerleader for Boston College, she worked alongside courts as Celtic’s in-game reporter. Oozing with hosting potential, it is no surprise for sports fans when McGrath received her latest stint with a top sports network, Fox Sports 1.

The Boston College alumna started as an on-court personality with Celtics. She then landed a job Comcast SportsNet (CSN) New England as a sidecourt reporter during its game broadcasts. In addition to these broadcasts, she also became the Celtics Now’s, CSNNE’s show, host, allowing her to shine by showcasing her natural hosting talent.

More than just being present on the sidelines, Molly McGrath also serves as an integral person in the background as she also produced and edited updates on the website, worked on exclusive reports people check daily, and did several jobs concentrating on Celtics’ homepage. Whether on-cam or off-cam, she didn’t fail to impress her colleagues as well as sports fans who continue to check out reports and online news.

Recently, McGrath landed a spot in FOX Sports 1 as an anchor, reporter and host for the new sports channel. Together with other hosts like Erin Andrews and Charissa Thopson, she started her new job with the company on August 17. The new show tapped on many potential groups just to find the next people who will debut with the new program. People behind the latest Fox project searched among the pool of courtside reports from Boston to find the right individuals to represent the show. In addition to these fresh talents, the company also searched among veterans such as Regis Philbin in joining the new show.

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After the screening schedule, it was Molly McGrath who took the spot and will work with the Andrews, who is a college football host, and the famous SportsCenter duo from Canada, Dan O’Toole and Jay Onrait. This promising team elated the whole sports industry and fans due to their credibility.

Many fans anticipated her first appearance in the program. McGrath shined in the show as she covered the scheduled show with her talent. While fans are aware of how talented she is, they didn’t expect that she will be that outstanding during the main show. Considering that it’s a major project, the former courtside reporter did a great job, leading to fans waiting to see more of her as the show continues.

From San Francisco, California, the place where she grew up, McGrath traveled to another states and found herself gaining admission to Boston College. While taking Broadcast Journalism, McGrath continued to be active in extracurricular activities by being a cheerleader, with her earning the team captain status during senior year. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Communication and is now making a name for herself in the media industry.

Molly McGrath is one of the promising sports reporters of her generation. With her achievements, it is undeniable that many people will continue to support her in this venture, which may earn her more future projects either with FOX or other networks.

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